Made in NYC

We are extremely proud of our “Made in NYC” certification. Not only do we appreciate the impact we are having on our community – supplying jobs within the USA and fostering the artistic environment – but we are able to be hands on throughout the entire process. From initial ideas to the time our suits are shipped to our customers, we ensure a level of quality that is only achieved by few.

To explain our Made in NYC process, we would like to share the entire journey of a Flagpole swimsuit.

Step I: Design

The first step is our favorite. Selecting the perfect color story is at the heart of our design process. We are constantly trying to find beautiful colors that work together to set the mood for the season. We look for colors that are exciting, flattering and timeless.

We have one primary fabric vendor that we use for our swimwear. This vendor represents an Italian mill that has been weaving high-performance fabrics since the 1960s.

From there we go to the sketching and design phase, where Jaime illustrates the suit on a figure in as much detail as possible.

Step II: Sampling

Once we are satisfied with the design, we bring the sketch to our sample factory where we discuss our idea with the pattern maker. She creates a pattern, which is then handed over to the factory to sew our first sample.

That sample is then tried on by our fit model, who gives us corrections for comfort, structure and support. Tweaks are made to the pattern and a new sample is made. This process is repeated until we are satisfied with the design, the model is satisfied with the fit, and the pattern maker and factory have agreed on the best practices for construction. Before the next steps, this tweak and re-sew process is often repeated four to six times!

Step III: Ordering Goods

During this process our production team has done a lot of math and ordered all of the additional ingredients our production factory will need to produce our suits. All of our trims and notions are carefully selected to enhance each part of the suit. This includes our fabric, elastic, cups, threads, buttons, zippers, tags and binding.

Step IV: Sizing

Once the sample is approved, the pattern goes across the street to our markers and graders where it is digitized to make all our sizes. This is the grading process. All of the sizes are then printed out together on a large sheet of paper, which is called the marker. The marker is then delivered down the street to our cut room with our cutting ticket, where the marker meets our fabric.

Step V: Cutting

Because of the elasticity of our fabric, the cut room must unroll it and lay it out on their table for 24 hours to allow the fabric to relax before we cut it. Once cut, the pieces of each garment are packed together and delivered in bundles to our production factory.

Step VI: Sewing

Once all of the components arrive at our factory, a single TOP (Top Of Production) piece is produced. Every piece of that suit is measured and then tried on by our fit model one last time. Any needed adjustments are made and discussed with the factory. The approved suit then goes into production.

Step VII: Quality Control

This brings us to the most meticulous step, quality control (QC). The final lot is counted, and every single suit is hand QC’ed by our in-house team to ensure there are no variances from our standard. If the suit passes our inspection, it is tagged and put into stock. This marks the official end of our journey with a suit, and the beginning of it’s adventures with our customer!

Step VIII: Appreciation

Upon seeing the finished product at the end, we are always overwhelmed with appreciation for everyone who has had a hand in building our product. Where someone may see just a suit, we see the entire process; involving all of the steps, and all of the people who put their best work into helping us create our best work.

… And we are proud to say that this really is our best work.

So we would just like to say thank you to:

Danielle, Ian, Dani, Anders, Erika Lynn, Crystal, Eva, Monique, Joey, Giada, Rafael, Dave, Dave G, and the TrimLab team at large, Rich, Teddy, Han, Young, Abdon, Nieves, thank you for your best work.